2019 Co-Chairs and Committee

Brooke Bishop – Densil Porteous – George Schein

We are honored to serve as Co-Chairs of the 36th Annual Human Rights Campaign Columbus Dinner + Silent Auction. As America’s largest civil rights organization fighting for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) provides a national voice for LGBTQ issues. This work includes lobbying Congress, mobilizing grassroots action in diverse communities, and increasing public understanding through innovative education and communication strategies.

The 2019 Dinner + Silent Auction will bring together over 800 HRC members, friends, family, and allies for an evening of celebration and inspiration. And, importantly, this event will raise the critical funds to help HRC grow and further its important mission: fighting for LGBTQ equality.

As we prepare for a 2020 general election, an example of this important mission based work is the HRC Rising initiative. Over the last year, ahead of a heated midterm election cycle, HRC Rising was making an especially strong, early push to organize in Ohio, to ensure the election of pro-equality, fair-minded officials, and to fight against the unwelcoming Trump-Pence agenda.

Here in Columbus, throughout the state of Ohio, and beyond, HRC works to help our community grow together so as to ensure we have the resources and support that will change even more hearts and minds while engaging in the ever critical work of moving equality forward. We hope you’ll join us on June 1 to celebrate the progress that’s been made while we come together to support and champion HRC’s future work.


Brooke Bishop, Densil Porteous, and George Schein
2019 HRC Columbus Dinner Co-Chairs


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