Table Captains

Table Captains are the backbone of ensuring a successful and well-attended gala each year.  As the official recruiters and promoters for the gala, we partner with our Table Captains to help spread the word about the work of HRC in order to encourage family, friends, and colleagues to purchase tickets to attend the event.  Any individual, partners/couple, company, affinity group, or charity group can serve as a Table Captain.

Table Captains are listed on our website, in the program book, and on the print invitations!

Each table can seat a maximum of 10 guests. Contact us today to sign up to be a Table Captain so that you can start encouraging your friends and family to sit at your table!

IMPORTANT: Table Captains are NOT financially obligated to pre-purchase seats and there is NO penalty for not filling the table – just try your best!

Thank you to our 2020 Table Captains

AJ Burt & Kevin Terry Smith

Andrew Chrismer & Pierre-Antione Chatelain

Annah Davis

Bob Barnes

Bridgette Tupes

Brooke Bishop & Kate Stanley

Cheryl Rose & Carol Cosler

Craig Diaz & Joel Diaz

Daniel White & Scott Morrison

David Berkley (The Dog Stop)

Densil Porteous & Mike Dalton

George Schein & Joe Breen

Hannah Botkin-Doty

Jen Bowden & Josh Flynn

Jenna Davis

Joshua Culbertson

Ken Munshower

Lucy Little

M. Mason

Mark Dunaway & Marc Gofstein

Michael Burkhart

Michael McDonnell

Michael Smithson

Michelle Graef

MJ Hudson & Lynn Wallich

Ricky Callahan

Ryan Cates

Sam Brinker

Stefani Borg

Steven Shellabarger

Tanner Koppert

Terrence Wheeler

Interested in becoming a Table Captain? Contact us today!