Densil Porteous

Densil Porteous

Corporate Co-Chair

“I volunteer for the HRC Columbus Gala because I believe in the critically important work with which the HRC engages. I volunteer with the Gala because the funding that supports the event allows HRC an opportunity to bring together folks who believe in equality in a moment to thank them for their support and highlight the important work left to accomplish.

In Columbus, Densil is a capacity builder. an infrequent blogger. a tech advisor. a social change advocate. a fighter for equality. a believer in diversity & inclusion. 2% of the population: entj. a wanna be political pundit. a social media enthusiast. an educator. a friend.

Densil enjoys: Singing. Dancing. Cooking. Sitting. Friending. Connecting.

Densil Porteous is also a member of the National HRC Board of Governors.